The Story

Shear Style is all about making YOU feel great.

From our Wardrobe Overhaul service to our Personal Shopping outing, our goal is to have you looking and feeling the best you possibly can!
(With the most amount of fun, in the littlest amount of time!)

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My story goes like this: I’ve always loved dressing up. When I was little, I used to dance around in my mom’s high heels, and ask to wear her red lipstick that she always managed to make look, super glamorous. As I grew up, I’d peruse through the glossy pages of fashion magazines, wishing and wanting for every item in there. Soon enough, I was helping my friends put together looks for a wedding, a date, or just for “everyday” and I LOVED it! I finally realized that I could be helping tons of other beauties if I started up my own business! And so, Shear Style formed, and here we are today!

The feeling I get when a client tells me that I’ve helped make them feel beautiful, is honestly like no other. That feeling is why I started Shear Style, and that’s why I want to help each and every one of you –

to make you all feel as beautiful as you are.